Nipple Piercings

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A body piercing is an open puncture wound to the body and as such requires adequate time and proper aftercare procedures to ensure successful healing. The approximate healing time for your new nipple piercing is six to eight weeks. Once installed, the body jewelry should not be removed during the healing process.

Your new nipple piercing will require cleaning two times a day. Proper cleaning solutions for your new nipple piercing would be any surgical scrub (Beta dine or Hibicleans) or any skin care solution containing Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK). These products are available for purchase from King Pin Tattoo or can be purchased at most local drug stores. Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide are not suggested for use, as these products are harsh to the skin. Topical antibiotic products are not recommended for piercing care as they may cause irritation.

During healing it is common for some minor soreness, irritation and discoloration (dark pink to light brown) of the skin around the new nipple piercing. If there is any question as to the condition of your new nipple piercing, COME BY OR CONTACT THE SHOP (228-396-0309 or and speak with your piercing professional. EXCESSIVE pain, redness, or discharge that persists for an extended period of time could indicate infection, consult your health care professional. Do not subject your new nipple piercing to handling, heavy abuse, prolonged exposure to sun or water (river, lake, pool, bath tub) or oral contact while healing. Thoroughly wash hands before cleaning or touching your new nipple piercing.

The first step to clean your new nipple piercing is to clean the jewelry and outer surface of the skin. As the new nipple piercing heals secretions of blood plasma (crust) will form around the piercing site. These secretions should be removed with warm soapy water and a cotton swab. Warm water "Sea Salt" soaks are recommended to help soften the secretions and stimulate blood flow to enhance the healing process.

Apply the appropriate cleaning solution to the new nipple piercing. Gently agitate the solution and work the jewelry back and forth. Rinse in clear running water while working the jewelry back and forth. Repeat. The final rinse is very important. Thoroughly rinse all cleaning solution from the skin and new nipple piercing while working the jewelry back and forth.

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