Laugh Now; Cry Later…

If you don't take care of your New Tattoo!

How to care for your new Tattoo!

Remember! Only you can take care of your Tattoo.

     Congratulations! You are the proud owner of  a new tattoo from King Pin Tattoo and Piercing Studio! We at KPT&P have done our part in giving you the best quality tattoo money can buy. However, in order for you to maintain the high level of quality in your new tattoo there are a few things you should remember.

      The average initial healing time is anywhere from 2-3 weeks, this may vary depending on how well you care for your tattoo. KPT&P simply guarantees you a high-quality tattoo from the studio...when you leave the studio, the after-care is YOUR responsibility. You will know when your tattoo is fully healed after it has lost its shiny and "glossy" sheen. If after this time (one month or so) you feel that some correction is needed on your tattoo, please telephone and arrange for a consultation with the artist who served you.

     Think "hygiene" first. Your new tattoo is a wound! Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial hand soap before touching your new tattoo.

     When the bleeding has stopped, remove the original dressing from your tattooed skin by washing both the tattoo and bandage with cold water, you should then clean your tattoo using the detailed instructions below.

      It is normal for your newly tattooed skin to have a deep red color around the tattoo and to feel warm or even feverish for the first day or so. You may place an "ice-pack" on the tattoo to ease this sensation.

     Gently wash your tattoo by hand with a very mild soap (low or neutral pH, like baby soap), pat dry your tattoo with a clean cloth - do not rub it dry!

[Note: Avoid soaking your tattoo in a hot bath during the healing period.]

     After washing the tattoo, with "clean" hands, re-apply an ample amount (not too much) of healing creme over the tattoo.

[Note: Cremes approved by KPT&P are either A&D Ointment or Triple-Antibiotic Ointment (Use only if you have no known allergies to antibiotics), both are available from your local pharmacy. Petroleum based products such as Vaseline are not recommended. KPT&P sell a quality product called TATTOO-GOO (c), which is a very fine all-natural healing ointment. Please inquire before you leave the shop.]

     Your new tattoo will be very sensitive for several days...this is normal. Try to refrain from any unnecessary stressful activity involving the part of your body with the new tattoo while it is healing. You should continue to moisturize the tattoo whenever it becomes dry with one of the prescribed cremes for 2 weeks.

[Note: If you find one the cremes to be irritating to the skin, please discontinue using that creme and contact this studio for a new recommendation.]

     Avoid scratching and picking at the dry scaly skin that forms on your tattoo. This will cause a loss of color. Continue to moisturize the tattoo until this scaly skin falls off naturally.

     If your tattoo itches during the healing period, avoid scratching. This will prolong the healing process.

     The tattooed area might also "peel" a few times even after it is initially healed. This is not uncommon.

     You should avoid exposing your tattoo directly to the sun, tanning beds, saunas, and public swimming facilities. Prolonged exposure to the sun (even after healing) will DRASTICALLY damage your tattoo. If you must be in the sun, cover your tattoo completely or apply liberal amounts of waterproof sun block lotion.

     Your tattoo will look only as good as your skin is healthy. Continue to use a good quality skin moisturizer on your tattooed skin and the colors will remain vibrant and beautiful.

     The highly qualified artists who work at KPT&P are licensed by the state of Mississippi and are members in good standing with one or more of the below listed organizations. KPT&P follows the established guidelines of the following tattoo guilds and organizations: The National Tattoo Association (NTA), The Association of Professional Tattoo Artists (APTA), The New European Tattoo Organization (NETO), and The Tattoo Club of Great Britain (TCGB). KPT&P is dedicated to improving the knowledge and standards of the tattooing industry.

      WAIVER & DISCLAIMER: You can be assured of a safe and professional tattoo from King Pin Tattoo & Piercing Studio! However, King Pin Tattoo & Piercing Studio assumes absolutely no responsibility for any damages incurred after you have left the studio.

Remember that proper care for your tattoo is YOUR responsibility!

Text (c) Copyright 1999, Kingpin Tattoo & Piercing Studio, 4085 Popp's Ferry Road, D'Iberville, Mississippi 39532. Telephone: 228-396-0309. All rights reserved worldwide.